The Twisted Destinies Series


Blood, the first book in the Twisted Destinies Series

Book 1


Venom is the second book in the Twisted Destinies Series

Book 2


Legacy is the final book in the Twisted Destinies Collection

Book 3

Twisted Destinies: The Complete Collection

The entire Twisted Destinies Collection

Country Hearts Series

Tinder Heart

Tinder Heart is a lumberjack rural romance

Book 1

Cain, the Immortal Series

Cain, the Immortal: The Beginning


Book 1

Immortal Souls


Book 2

Immortal Darkness


Book 3

Cain, the Immortal Series Anthology


Love & Corruption Series

Love & Corruption

Love & Corruption is the first book in a mafia romance series

Book 1


Risk is the second book in a mafia romance series

Book 2

The Twelve Kingdoms Series (Young Adult)

Dueling Kings


Book 1



Book 2

Every Last Drop Anthology

Every Last Drop: A Vampire Anthology

Three twisted tales of vampire horror and suspense with a little romance

An anthology containing House of Wax, Fate & Fortune, Natural Born Predators, and the flash fiction piece Half Life

House of Wax

Vampire horror with a twist

This is an upper young adult novelette about vampires, King Richard, the Crusades, and a spooky wax museum, all rolled into one.

Fate & Fortune


A novelette with a story twisted around Henry VIII, a fortune teller, and vampires.

Natural Born Predators

Beauty and the Beast remake with vampires and immortals

A novelette loosely based upon Beauty and the Beast with a vampire twist.